Counseling & Psychotherapy

I believe therapy is a unique opportunity -- to transform life's most painful, confusing and/or challenging times into growth, strength and clarity. Whether I am working with adults, couples, children or entire families, I am 100% committed to creating a safe and trusting relationship so my clients may feel understood and supported in who they are, what they have been through & how to live the lives they hope for.

I have worked successfully with people struggling with one or more of the following:

When in the midst of these difficult challenges, it is sometimes hard to see the way out….but making the call (or sending the email) and scheduling the appointment is a first step toward the change you seek!    

(In the meanwhile, I below you may find some links to some of my favorite books, articles, and websites that may be of help.)

On Marriage, Intimate Relationships:

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (Random House, 1999), Why Marriages Succed or Fail (Simon & Shuster, 1994)  by John Gottman.   Important reading by one of the country’s foremost researchers on marriage and relationships.

Dr. Sue Johnson has written the very well-received book Hold Me Tight (Little, Brown and Company, 2008) based on her work in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  Here is her article, "Where Does Love Go Wrong?, or The Three Demon Dialogues That Can Wreck Your Relationship”.  Here is a video of Dr. Johnson talking about emotional responsiveness as key to healthy relationships.

The New Rules of Marriage (Ballantine, 2008) by Terry Real, one of today’s foremost couples experts.

On Spirituality:

How to Pray Without Being Religious (Harper Collilns, 2004) by Janell Moon.  Easy to read book about the practical benefits of developing a rich spiritual life.  Written for everyone, regardless of religious identification.

I’d Say Yes, God If I knew What You Wanted (Northstone, 2001) by Nancy Reeves.  Written by a psychologist and drawing on real-life stories that span religious traditions, this book is helpful for those wanting a meaningful spiritual practice in their lives.